Club Swan Partners is a technology-first service essential to you and your customers.

Integrate our membership rewards and concierge solution, and our fiat and crypto services, into your business, for your customers and employees, with your brand.

Our Services

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Enhance your brand by offering customers access to pre-paid payment cards with your logo and design.

Connect your customer card to their funds on your own platform, so that they can spend online and in-store and withdraw cash at ATMs.

Available to your customers anywhere in the world.

Accounts and cryptocurrencies

Provide fiat accounts and cryptocurrency access to your customer on your platform, using your logo.

​USD, GBP, EUR, CNY, JPY accounts and more.

SEPA/SWIFT/Faster Payment/Fed Wire Payments.

BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, BAT, PAX, USDC, EOS cryptocurrencies.

Club Swan Partners  FinTech


Online Platforms


FinTech start-ups can use any any one or all of our services to kick off their own digital FinTech platform.

Club Swan Partners offers its services as a complete white-label solution which enables you to go to market globally, quickly and simply. Avoid issuer and processor integrations in each region, avoid set-up and monthly-minimum fees with multiple service providers, and save the time and cost of building and running a completely new FinTech platform. Remove regulatory headaches using our APIs and our regulatory licenses. 

Become a corporate member today, and your customers can automatically become members too.